Six Reasons Love Made Me a Progressive Christian

IMG_0460I am a progressive Christian. I did not choose this, like selecting which kind of ice cream my wife is most in the mood for (as long as it has chocolate but no nuts, I am probably safe). It is probably more accurate to say I grew into it.

I have always been a follower of Jesus. I suspect I always will be. But the way I understand the nature of that “following” has evolved.

In short, I am a progressive Christian because of Love. I think you can also have Love and not come to think as I have. But I think that Love has been the driving force behind every “progressive shift” in my spirituality. Six examples come to mind:

The Language of Love

“The language of love is the only language we can be sure is spoken and understood by God.”

—Northrop Frye, 1912-1991

“Now you’re speaking my language!” If you said this to me, I would assume a shift had occurred in our conversation.

Before the shift, the things I was saying meant little or nothing to you, for any number of reasons. After the shift, I’ve got your attention. What I’m saying now is compelling and relevant. It speaks to your condition. It aligns with your vision of how things ought to be and of what matters most.

God’s language is love. I believe that what God finds compelling, more than religious enthusiasm, more than right belief, more than the good causes for which we advocate, is love.