Writing Published Elsewhere

“Six Reasons Why Love Made Me a Progressive Christian” (4.25.17) A re-post at Patheos of a piece I published on this site.

“God is Not in Control” from Faith Forward Blog at Patheos (11.16.16) An article I wrote for Patheos in reaction to the overuse of the words “God is in control” as a well-intended but problematic placation for those grieving November 8, 2016. Some found it compelling. Some found it very upsetting!

Congregation Rejects Authoritarian Path” from Quakernews.com (3.20.17). An article about how my congregation is responding to our recent removal from our yearly meeting (our local network of churches), including some of my suggestions for moving forward.

NWYM Peace Month 2017 Daily Reader. See Jan 5, Jan 10, and Jan 16 for my submissions about living the way of peace. Also check out other entries by my friends, including Cherice Bock, Melanie Mock, Julie Peyton, and Wess Daniels.