PhD     The Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Christian Spirituality

October 2016

Allied Field: Systematic Theology

Research Interests: Spiritual Formation, Virtue Ethics, Love, Spiritual Practices, Interfaith Dialogue, History of Spirituality, Christian Education, Positive Psychology, Social Justice, Confucianism, Dorothy Day, Hope

Dissertation: The Way to Love: A Virtue-Based Model of Spiritual Growth for Christian Spiritual Formation (Coordinator: Dr. Arthur Holder)

MDiv   George Fox Evangelical Seminary, Portland, OR

Pastoral Studies

May 2009

Thesis: A Call to Curiosity and Action: Lesslie Newbigin’s Theology and Vision of Interfaith Dialogue (Thesis advisors: Dr. Clint Baldwin and Dr. Roger Nam)

BA       George Fox University, Newberg, OR

Writing/Literature and Christian Ministries: Educational Ministry

May 2005

Recent Employment and Teaching Experience:

Camas Friends Church, Camas, WA

Lead Pastor

October 2015-present

Organize worship, provide spiritual care, teach/preach, coordinate and train volunteers, facilitate small groups, connect gifts of congregation to needs in community, participate in various church ministries, create and sustain mentoring relationships, deepen understanding of faith and practice of the Quaker tradition.

University of Portland, Portland, OR.

Instructor for THE-105: Introduction to Theology

            Jan 2020-Present

Teach undergraduate course half in-person and half online in Spring 2020, fully online in Fall 2020. The course introduces the academic discipline of theology and its lenses and sources in examining questions of faith and human existence. Students are invited to investigate how the Christian tradition has answered these fundamental questions by means of its focus on the person of Jesus Christ, the Christian understanding of God, and key issues of our contemporary world.

Portland Seminary (George Fox University), Portland, OR

Instructor for PSTD595MB: Pastoral Ministry

            Aug 2019-Dec 2019

Teach independent study course co-designed with seminary student. The course analyzes the theological, biblical, and historical basis for various models of pastoral ministry, and helps the student explore the meaning of call and ordination (*recording), develop professional competencies, and identify personal values for pastoral ministry. Special attention given to the relationship between pastoral ministry and chaplaincy.

Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, CA

Instructor for ELSJ22: Solidarity with the Community

Jan 2015-March 2015

Teach undergraduate course that is part of “Experiential Learning for Social Justice” curriculum and cycle of courses. Course explores what it means to live in solidarity with the local and global community; students strengthen their ability to work sensitively and respectfully with marginalized or oppressed communities.

Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Instructor for SPCE-2610: Virtue as Spiritual Practice

Sep 2014-Dec 2014

Teach course I conceived and designed to MA and MDiv students. Examines the theory and practice of virtue assisted by theological and psychological considerations. Students consider what virtue-based spiritual formation might entail, what constitutes a virtue, what spiritual practices can best support the cultivation of virtue, and how one might present these topics in a ministerial context. Students co-shape the course by leading class sessions geared toward virtues of their choice, while collaborating with instructor to develop methods of forming virtue. Students expected to personally cultivate virtue.

First Congregational Church of Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Intern (“Emerging Leader”)

Sep 2014-May 2015

Engage in worship leadership through weekly worship planning team meetings and lead elements of worship on Sunday mornings in 1-2 services. Write articles, preach sermons, design elements of liturgy, host meals at home, and participate in active congregational response to Black Lives Matter movement. Temporarily filled role of “Interim Young Adult Coordinator.”

Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA

Area Assistant

Aug 2014-May 2015

Assist the Christian Spirituality Area Convener in Area-related business, primarily through clerical support. Solicit agenda items for monthly meetings, produce and send agenda to all area faculty and students. Take minute at area meetings. Inform area of relevant news, business, events, protocols. Collect and distribute doctoral student materials for review. Event planning. Archive area materials online.

Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley, CA

Writing Coach

Oct 2012-May 2015

Provide writing assistance to non-native English speakers through online and face-to-face feedback and coaching.

San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA

Teaching Assistant

Jan 2013-May 2014

Co-taught three courses in the “Spiritual Life and Leadership” cycle (“Social Discernment Cycle,” “Contemplative Listening,” and “Lectio Divina”). Responsibilities include leading prayers, body movement/exercises, class discussion and activities, as well as facilitating a small group. Integral role in planning class schedules, solely responsible for design of small group meetings.

Lyttle Construction, Scotts Valley, CA

Construction Apprentice

June 2013-August 2013

Assist in various tasks, notably in the framing stage of house construction.

EF International, Olympia, WA

English Teacher

Sep 2010-June 2012

Teach English to foreign students on short-term stays in the U.S. Prepare lessons, activities, lectures; assess students’ work and progress. Teach through medium of classroom as well as one-on-one meetings and email correspondence. Emphasis on all facets of English learning including writing, speaking, pronunciation, listening, grammar, and vocabulary.


Hubei Polytechnic Institute—Xiaogan, China

English Teacher

Aug 2009-June 2010

General class responsibilities (preparation, teaching, grading); participation at “English Corner” (informal conversation practice) and in various university functions and programs.


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